Thursday, February 20, 2014

2167 Random Excess

Some random excess thoughts today. Excess because I have lots of half-baked ideas that never make it to full essay status, so little scraps of paper end up in piles on my desk. Time to clear the clutter.

Like is a half-baked idea an idea that isn't fully formed or an idea you have when you're half-baked?

Or... The news recently about Governor Chris Christie and his bridge scandal. There are so many natural disasters that screw up traffic it's quite annoying someone would actually set out to do it on purpose. The non-bridge to the 21st century.

Hearing Chris Christie's name so much put me in mind of other Chris's. Like the singer Christopher Cross or singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferrson.  Or the rap duo Kris Kross. Or even Kris Kringle. What is it about the parents of kids with last names starting with the K sound that makes them name their kids Kris?

Or... I saw an ad for Fruity Pebbles during the Superbowl. It asked Americans which was their favorite fruit in Fruity Pebbles. They still make Fruity Pebbles? Wasn't that a cereal created during the yabba-dabba-doo days of the Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera's cartoon knock-off of Jackie Gleason's Honeymooners?

I always thought it was cool Hanna-Barbera created yabba-dabba-doo.  

Anyhow, are Fruity Pebbles relevant any more? Do today's kids even know about The Flintstones? Shouldn't they rebrand them as Fruity Teletubbies or something? 

Lastly, I was thinking of the NSA and all the techniques they're using to spy on us feckless Americans. Including funding a quantum computer to break encryption codes and stuff.  Maybe we should call Edward Snowden's stories, "Tales from the Encrypt."

Or maybe I should have left that idea on a scrap of paper.

Thankfully, now it's just a random excess memory.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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