Monday, February 17, 2014

2164 Sushi Q

I was emceeing a great multi-cultural event the other day and was really impressed with how the many different cultures that make up this great melting pot of ours that we call America really gave the place a lot of energy. There were Native American dancers and Nordic bands. East Indians and Scottish Bagpipes. There were even hippie drum groups. All come together to have some fun and play some music.

As I am a melting-potted mutt myself I found the whole thing exhilarating. And was particularly impressed by the way the Native American groups extended their hands in welcome to all the other ethnicities that had invaded their land. Especially those Nordic-come-latelies. An important reminder that at some time we all were immigrants.

One of the things the festival had was workshops on cooking and stuff. One of which was on the making of sushi. When I announced that it was starting, I made some remark like "if you knew sushi like I knew sushi" and got a cross-cultural groan.

Nothing like a bad pun to bring people together. 

The ultimate melting pot Americanization of sushi would be to have it at a county fair like other fair foods. Deep-fried sushi. Yum. Like Gorton's fishsticks with rice and seaweed.

Speaking of sushi, did you know where the Winter Olympics were being held this year? I admit, I was oblivious. When I heard it was in Sochi I thought, Wow, didn't they just have the Olympics in Japan?

Nope, though it doesn't sound like it, Sochi is in Russia. And the way it looks now, with all the graft and corruption problems on construction of the roads and stuff, the blogosphere may just end up calling it the Sucky Olympics. 

If they serve sushi at Sochi, with all the other long lines there they could call it a Sushi-Q.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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