Wednesday, February 05, 2014

2157 Huh Hunt

I'm always interested in the bends our cultural river takes. Like what researchers spend money on. As in weird words around the world.

Huh? You say. And I say that's exactly right. Huh.

The word "huh" has recently been researched by a crack team of Dutch linguists. I guess research money in Holland is available for odd things too. The researchers concluded after laborious scientific inquiry that the word "huh" is universally understood across five, count 'em five, continents. 

In 10 languages, including Dutch, Mandarin, the Ghanaian language Siwu, and even an Australian aboriginal language, "huh" is used as a request for clarification.

Huh, who'd have guessed it. Dutch scientists are currently analyzing the universality of the term "dude."

In another cultural bend, are you getting sick of announcements for movies that are a couple of years out? I read one the other day about Ant-Man. The news story, quoting from a movie company press release, said that the movie Ant-Man will now be released on July 17th 2015. As a result the Superman Batman combo movie would be released May 6th of 2016.


Do I really need to know when these movies are coming out when they're that far away? I mean, at my age, there's a question whether I'll even live that long. 

"Better cut back on the bacon, Funny Guy, you don't want to die and miss the release of Superman/Batman."

"Right you are, gonna shape up my diet and exercise right now. I think I may make it as is but you can't be too careful."

Or some poor duffer already on his deathbed. "Oh Grandpa. I'm so sorry. We've done so much together. My only regret is you're not going to live to see Ant-Man..."


America, ya gotta love it.

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