Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2111 Widespread TV

TV or not TV, that is the question. The answer seems to be TV. Time after time, given a choice, Americans prefer watching something rather than, and even while, doing something. The widespread use of TV is amazing.

Saw an example of that recently. I was at one of the newer gas stations in the area, new enough in any event to be positioned next to a roundabout. I pulled next to the pumps to get some gas. When I got out I glanced at a little videoscreen on the pump and assumed it was the screen for my transaction. Nope. I was totally surprised because the video was moving. It was a little snippet of the news, with a crawl on the bottom and everything. It then switched scenes to a commercial of some sort, then back to the news thing again.

I thought I was sitting in an airport bar. In Munchkinland. Waiting for the tornado report perhaps. It was only a five-by-seven screen but golly gee Toto. My final analysis? It was annoying. The crawl letters were too small to read. There was no sound. I pressed all the buttons on either side of the screen and couldn't get the sound to start. So I really didn't get anything out of it. I left with my tank and my morning frustration quota filled. 

Then there's the news that Samsung has come out with a new curved smartphone slash tiny TV. Which is good because with their new bigger smartphones it sometimes feels like you're talking to DVD case. Samsung says the curvyphone is better. Quote: "Good for your face and good for your butt." Because much as we like our TVs we still don't like them wedged in our behind. 

Talk about widespread. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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