Monday, November 04, 2013

2105 Snoop Names

I was listening to the radio recently and there was a news story that mentioned Snoop Lion. You may remember him as Snoop Dogg, with two G's, the popularizer of the term "For Shizzle."

His mom calls him Calvin Cordozar Broadus. 

I guess that's one problem with made up names, you feel impelled to keep changing them. But really Calvin, you've established a brand as Snoop Dogg, why risk altering it? Don't you want it to multiply into new opportunities for income?

At least John Cougar, who became John Cougar Mellencamp and finally just John Mellencamp, had a reason. He never wanted to be John Cougar to start with. His record label forced the label on him because they thought Mellencamp was too German. Ironically, Mellencamp is a German word that means melting pot. 

You'd think Snoop would have learned from Prince, whose name shuffling has held him back; "Prince" to "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" to the unpronounceable Ankh symbol. Call a reputable PR firm who can explain the power of consistent branding, dude. It's enough to make a dove cry.

You sure as heck didn't see that problem with Madonna. She did the reverse, took an established name brand and co-opted it for her purposes. I'm not saying Snoop or Prince should start calling themselves Messiah or something, but you see what I mean. A good religious icon could go a long way. 

Come to think of it, that may be why Snoop picked Lion. It's got some pretty big Rastafarian religious implications. He could use it to branch out into new products. Snoop Lion's Rasta Pasta. 

I just hope Lady Gaga keeps imitating Madonna. Keep her name the same. No other baby names. I'm not ready for Lady GooGoo. 

Or Lady Icky KahKah.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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