Thursday, November 07, 2013

2108 Rushin'

It's great the little factoids you can pick up with a quick read of the news. Like they talk about the 99% in our country, how wealth disparity is undermining our democracy. I guess it's true because one of the most undemocratic places on the planet is even worse. In Russia, 35% of the entire wealth in the country is owned by just 110  people. Since the population of Russia is now 143 million that means their 99% movement needs to be called the 99.9999214286% movement.

Speaking of the 1%. Wayne Newton (who, coincidentally, many Russian rich guys model their hairdos after) had his boat sink the other day. It was a prime example of how reporting can be affected by the wrong font. Yes, I said font. I heard a news reporter say that Wayne's boat had sunk stem first. "Stem first?" I thought, "What end of the boat is that?" The reporter went on to say the 65-foot boat's bow was sticking up in 45 feet of water. 

Hmm. Maybe he meant stern. Sure enough, in Verdana and other fonts, if you put a lower case r next to a lower case n and you glance at it too quickly you have the lowercase letter m. 

Then your whole news story is sunk. Darn.

Maybe the reporter shouldn't have been rushin'.

Lastly, the American League of Lobbyists has elected to change its name. They were worried that everybody had the misconception that lobbyists are walking around with a pocketful of cash. As opposed to assignable secret offshore bank accounts, I guess. Anyhow, they changed their name to The Association of Government Relations Professionals. 

Much better. Government Relations Professionals. Now it sounds like a high-priced escort service. 

Wonder if they'll entertain rich Russian guys too? 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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