Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2381 Stolen Minute

I get hung up on numbers sometimes. Those little episodes of everyday mathematics they didn't warn you about in school. Math is hard they say, or mathematics can be fun. Either way, there's a 50/50 chance consciousness of numbers will annoy you.

Like parking meters. Recently I was using one of those new parking meters that allows one to slide in one's bankcard to pay the appropriate fee. Absolutely fantastic for those of us who don't like change rattling around in our pockets.

I noticed the meter had a button you could push for a free initial 15 minutes. A great courtesy the official parking folks offer to downtown patrons. Always anxious to take advantage of a deal, I pressed that button. 

I then slid in my card and pressed the buttons necessary to pay for an additional hour of parking. The computerized machine displayed a little digital message saying to wait, that my transaction was being authorized. And I waited. And I waited. Finally the machine said that the transaction was accepted and then displayed the time I had on my meter. 

It was only one hour and 14 minutes!

They robbed me of a free minute! For some reason I was really mad. All that effort on my part to be a conscientious pay for my parking citizen, and the process itself robbed me of a minute. 

I'm not sure what was worse; Contemplating that they robbed me of a minute I paid for in the hour my bankcard was credited to, or the free minute they so graciously offered and then yanked away while their pokey contraption practically pick-pocketed my parking payment.

Not to mention the number of minutes I wasted being mad over such a tiny travesty. If only I didn't know math...  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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