Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2369 Pixel Nation

There's no doubt we've become inextricably linked with our technology. If the Borg doesn't exist yet in terms of hardware, it's certainly there in terms of software. When you see the addictive behavior evidenced by folks and their smartphones it's only obvious.

So why? I've long maintained the fascination of smartphones is in the sparkle factor. Like crows, we're attracted to the shiny object of the small TV screen. But it seems to work with people I know who are not so ADHD too. Or in this case ADHDTV. One of my colleagues, Chris, could've captured the underlying culprit. 

Pixels are the new Prozac.

I think he has a point. Smartphones and Pads are our pixilated pals. They are there for us like a drug. Triggering our endorphins in pleasure when we get a little ping telling us someone has texted, emailed or tweeted.

The pseudo-connectedness no doubt opens up our oxytocin gland too. Spreading the secretions of comfort and companionship throughout our brains and bodies.

Who needs Prozac when the tiny vibrations of a phone in your pocket can let loose all those fine feel-good natural chemicals in your neural network? 

And when today's technology has a malfunction, watch out. Our dependency shows immediately. I lost my email for a few days recently and found out how much. It was like I was sitting on my hands and my hands had restless leg syndrome. 

My friends and relatives were worried. I actually got live human phone calls from people asking me if my email was broken when some of them got kicked back. The emails not my friends. 

Later I got asked, in a very concerned way, "How's your email? Is it okay?" Like I'd had a heart procedure or something. 

Society is addicted to pixels. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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