Friday, December 05, 2014

2366 Wrong Texter

Seems like the more technology we get, the greater the opportunity for error. I'm not talking about just the big things, like when your email server servers decide to service their service.

Those kinds of things are endurable, though barely, even though you know the I.T. guy you complained to hours ago is sitting at his distant keyboard playing World of Warcraft and using his customer service politeness manual to prop up his Cheetos. 

Perhaps things would work better if we were allowed to tip our server.

I'm actually talking about the mundane error of calling a wrong number. In the early days, it was fairly obvious that that was what you'd done. The wrong person answered the phone, you realized your error, mumbled a courteous apology, and were on your way.

Then the phone answering machine "improved" that technology. Again, you could tell pretty quickly who you'd accidentally called and could either hang up, or apologize if you didn't want to keep them wondering from whom the mysterious call originated.

Then the anonymous answering machine improved things worse. "The person at 555-555-5555 is not available, please leave a message." That could be risky, so you left a message to someone, hoping it was the right one, or hung up.

Then we got what I got the other day. My first wrong-texter. Some woman sent me an intimate text about her and her daughter testing negative for something and her not letting her daughter go over to another teenager's house again and so on.

And she had no idea she'd missed a digit or two when she texted my wrong number with this very personal message.

When it comes to magnifying human error, technology is great!

Hope I never get a wrong-texter from Anthony Weiner...

America, ya gotta love it.

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