Monday, December 01, 2014

2361 Love Statistics

Statistics surround us. It's as if we can't express ourselves without numbers to back it up. 75% of people are more likely to use false statistics to bolster their argument.

It makes things seem so sad. Like the statistic I heard on the radio that said 40% of new marriages involve at least one spouse who's divorced from a previous marriage. On the one hand that seems like a hopeful statistic; these folks are picking up their broken hearts and moving on with their lives, giving the proposition of marriage another yes vote.

Then you hear the statistic that marriages involving someone who was married before are twice as likely to end in divorce. And even more likely if one of the parties was divorced more than once. Again, could be a hopeful statistic. The person who has successfully completed more than two marriages now knows he or she doesn't have to settle for less and can get by just fine as a single person.

Or is that singleton? Why does singleton sort of sound like simpleton. 

I read another marriage statistic the other day that put a more modern spin on things. Married couples who meet online are three times more likely to divorce than those who meet face to face. Online daters are also 28% more likely to split from their partners in the first year. Oops. Unfortunately, it's harder to divorce people than unfriend them. 

So much for all the exhaustive questionnaires of "find-my-perfect-mate-dot-com" sites. Turns out meeting in a bar ain't so bad after all. Go beer goggles.

Forget the numbers. There's still something to be said for heart, instinct, and gut reactions. Especially if you feel good about yourself. Nothing like dating a new someone when you're feeling 100%. 

America, ya gotta love it.

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