Monday, December 01, 2014

2360 Vegetile Dysfunction

I was reading about some interesting advances in products for vegans recently. I must say, the movement is really catching on. And not just because nude models are willing to put a little skin in the game.

I think part of its success is people like the idea of sustainability, and it seems like the vegan movement means less domestic animals to raise, feed, and slaughter with all the petrochemical global warming resources that entails. Then again, there's no free lunch, vegan or otherwise, so I'm not sure.

Take some of the vegan products I read about. One was a BCBG Max Azria vegan leather top. The copy said "A sweet blush tone takes the edge off this boxy faux-leather tee." Sounds captivating and oh so saucy.

But really, faux-leather? Vegan Leather? Didn't we used to call this Naugahyde? Oh sure, it's not Naugahyde, but it's from the same family. Can the new Naugahyde be chic? What's next, a hip new hairdo called a mullet?

Then there's Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar. Yes, there's a makeup company called Obsessive Compulsive. Me, I use Bipolar personal products. 

Anyhow, OCC's lip tar softens your lips all day, animal cruelty free, with peppermint and hemp oils. Hemp huh? (Not to be used by vegan smokers in most states...)

Then there's the Wonderfelt coat by Vaute Couture. Vaute being a combo of vegan and haute. It's made from recycled pop bottles. Which, finally, is good. All the other faux-Naugahyde-leather is made from petrochemical sources, so they're not as carbon neutral as you’d hope. 

Still, you gotta like all the advances they're making in vegan offerings. And not just in wearable products. In the accuracy of food taste simulation too. I like the new vegan veal.

It's made from very young tofu...

America, ya gotta love it. 

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