Friday, November 14, 2014

2351 Whisperturbed

With all the scandals about privacy on the web you gotta wonder why folks still keep exposing themselves. I mean heck, we know the hackers are out there, what is it that possesses people to post stuff online anyhow?

Perhaps the whole concept of selfies in the cloud is some sort of narcissistic quest for immortality. Knowing there's a nude selfie flitting around in the cyberworld like a evanescent spirit of posterity. Your legacy on naked legs. 

Then there was snapchat. Those supposedly impermanent postings of questionably tasteful photos. “Should you decide to take the mission Mr. Phelps, this indiscretion will self-destruct in 10 seconds.” Except, guess what, a little basic old-fashioned screenshot app and you're once again permanently in the hackable cloud. 

So when I read about the following app I scratched my head. Not content to open up your private life with only pictures? How about a confession too? If you want people's attention, just whisper.

As in the Whisper app. Calling themselves "the safest place on the internet," Whisper encouraged millions of users to share intimate and embarrassing secrets about their personal and professional lives. I want to find these millions of people. There's some beachfront property in the desert I'd like to sell them. 

Really? Posting your personal and professional secrets online? Whisper’s supposed to be anonymous but surprise, it has GPS, and code that tracks your location so you can be identified through your movements.

So why would you be stupid enough to do this in the first place? Psychiatrist or close friend not available? Why confess to an anonymous cybersite after all the data breach stories? Why not a professional confessor? When was the last time someone hacked a priest? 

Some people are dumb. Or, in the old-fashioned sense, not dumb enough. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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