Thursday, November 06, 2014

2345 Fifinaut

Space. The final frontier. At least of the one percent. Because getting stuff into space is a very expensive proposition. When private space travel does emerge, you can bet they won't be having coach class anytime soon, especially when your extra bag will cost you about a hundred grand. Or if you drink a lot.

Because that beverage cart will cost a lot too. Current launch costs for anything to get to space are around $2,000 per pound. That means it costs about $2 billion each year to launch enough water into  space to sustain the 6 astronauts onboard the space station. About 6 tons of water per person.

I know, seems like we don't drink 6 tons down here. Does working in zero gravity make you more parched? Actually, it's the unpleasant fact that most of astronauts' food is dehydrated, until they add water. That, of course, is why water has to be shipped complete. There's no dehydrated form of water.

Maybe someone should send up a little with the next launch of Fifi. Yes, Fifi. Another indulgence of the I have more money than sense crowd. The one percent of pet devotees that uses the new service offered by Celestis. Launching your pet remains into space.

Like there isn't enough deadly debris up in earth's orbit already zipping along at 17,000 miles per hour ready to poke a hole in the space station, now we've added dead cats to the list. 

Fortunately, not whole ones. For $12,500 Celestis just sends a lock of hair or a gram of ashes into deep space or the moon. But for $5,000 they'll send it into orbit where it will vaporize like a shooting star as it reenters. 

Fifi will appreciate you have money to burn on her...

America, ya gotta love it. 

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