Friday, June 27, 2014

2256 Car Monitor

I worry that our technological innovations are taking us too far down the non-private road and exposing us too much to prying eyes.

A good example? Google's new driverless car. Having passed numerous tests, it's ready for the road. Which some are hailing as the taxi cab of the future. The personal transport of tomorrow. 

You gotta wonder though, why would Google put so much of their money into developing a car? Because now you'll be able to text and drive. Which, from Google's standpoint, means more time spent on your Android device, and more time spent on the web. And the more time you spend on the web, the more ads they can sell. 

I'm a little concerned. If you think big tech companies invade your privacy now, what if they're actually driving you everywhere you go? And not just riding along in the phone in your pocket, seeing, hearing, and monitoring every road move you make. 


Want to get off on your own? Not if you wear the new wearable computer t-shirts. Intel, yes the chip maker Intel, showed off a new piece of wearable computer-like clothing recently. It's made from conductive fibers that can track wearer's vital statistics, like your heart rate, and deliver them to your device via Bluetooth.

God forbid you should just put your hand on your chest or fingers on your pulse. Now your t-shirt is smart enough to do it for you. And hey, if law enforcement can tap into your Bluetooth signal you won't need to take a lie-detector or sobriety test. 

Pulse rate, alcohol in your sweat, maybe they can put you in your car and program it to take you to the station too.

Then again, in a driverless car, who's driving while intoxicated?  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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