Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2249 Old Bums

I love watching the changes of life in these United States. Like the new habits of old people and the adaptive qualities of bums on bikes.

Yes, bums on bikes. As I've written before, I admire the cleverness of our brethren on the edges of society. Not least because many of them could benefit from psychiatric care and medication if only they weren't wandering the streets. 

Some pro hobos have adapted well to the new bum bicycle craze. Maybe I've noticed it more because our building has an outside ashtray. They come circling by on their bikes and harvest the butts pretty regularly. Don't even have to linger for long. The paladins of the opportunistic world, stopping just long enough to do a good deed of recycling. Butt Bums on Bikes. 

I must say, I appreciate their ingenuity in making the two-wheelers serve their needs. I saw one the other day that actually had one of those covered kiddy trailers hooked on. It was loaded with all his urban camping gear. That, combined with his mountain bike tires, greatly decreased his shoulder-load and increased his carrying capacity. Kind of like mobile home, but mobile homeless.

Then there's the coffee bar I went into the other day. No one there was under the age of 70. They were settled in at the various tables and comfy chairs, playing board games and sipping java. 

It was like a Starbucks senior center. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Old folks love to kibitz where it's warm and will go anywhere there's free anything, even free WiFi they have no idea how to use. Bumming around with their cronies. Still, the place was full and looked pretty profitable. 

Wonder if they offer early bird lattes?

America, ya gotta love it. 

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