Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2244 Gummy Shampoo

Funny how we become attached to words in certain settings. It's no wonder foreign born folks have a difficult time with English. BTW, why is it English literature when the author is Mark Twain?

Example: I have trouble with the word w-o-u-n-d. I get wound up in confusion so much I could permanently wound my brain. Or l-e-a-d. As in, why couldn't someone have taken the lead on the lead paint issue? It would sound dumb except dumb means no sound. We have so many letters to choose from when we make words. Why use the same ones to mean different things? 

Then there are words that have simply changed over time. Like the word shampoo. It was originally an Anglo-Indian word meaning massage. By Anglo-Indian I mean English folks brought it back from India. It came from the Hindi word "champo" which meant to press or knead muscles. It's meaning of washing hair wasn't used until around 1860 and extended to carpets and upholstery until 1954.

I'd like to bring it back in its original form. Then we could go to a spa and have a relaxing hot stone shampoo. Or a deep tissue shampoo. All done, of course, by licensed shampoo therapists. You'd definitely want to steer clear of shampooses at shampoo parlors...

Then there's the new meaning of a word combo I heard recently. It was for something involving gummy bears. Yes, the gelatinous candy. But this new meaning was for a certain type of chest enhancement implant. The cosmetic surgeon I heard on the radio referred to it as a gummy bear implant. I hope he was just referring to the texture.

Not sure the sight of a couple of big gummy bears wouldn't make one think you'd had a bad shampoo.  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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