Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2245 Restaura-Twoer

A couple of restaurant related observations today. A restaura-twoer if you will. Like isn't it interesting how soft drink to-go cups still come with a straw poked through the center of the plastic lid?

I wonder about that. I've always found it an uncomfortable way to drink. Because I'm used to tipping a cup at a certain angle as it empties and you have to tip too much with a full cup with a center straw in the lid. I always feel like if the lid gives way I'm going to have a lapful of sticky fluid. Again.

It's either that or duck your head over the top of the cup and drink that way. And I don't like doing that. Especially when I'm driving, and they are sort of designed to be consumed in the car. 

So why don't they have lids like coffee and latte cups do? With a spout on the side that's designed for a more natural tipping angle. Even if the lid fails you're not overtipped too much to get more than a few drops of hot scalding liquid in your nether regions. 

Get on the job American inventors. You're sipping public needs you. And don't give me no bendy straw either. I'm having a Coke, not sucking on a hookah. 

Next, I saw an interesting combination of establishments in a strip mall recently --- a sushi restaurant next to a hair styling salon.

Really? If you're like me, you've smelled some pretty intense odors coming from both types of places. It's been my experience that thrown-together strip mall walls are not that air tight. And if they're not air tight, they're not smell-tight. 

Nothing like the smell of perm solution mixed with old sushi.

Welcome to the Armpit Strip Mall.  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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