Monday, June 23, 2014

2252 Lacks Propriety

You can certainly tell the bulge of the baby boomer generation has moved along. People in their mid- to late-sixties I mean, coincidentally those who were teenagers in the mid- to late-sixties. They used to wear granny dresses back then. They are grannies now. Although many of them are wearing sweatsuits.

The way you can tell most is the commercials you see and hear. Shows like 60 Minutes and just about everything on the Hallmark Channel are riddled with ads about drugs. 70% of which are always side-effect disclaimers. You know, "Take maxazacamene for your yellow toenail, may cause liver failure and death."

I like the ads for snack foods following ads for diet drugs. And lately lots of ads for laxatives and digestive aids. The current "I love my LAX" commercials promise gentle reliable release facilitated by a drug that harnesses water to ease things along.

MiraLAX uses the heart symbol, as in "I heart New York" as the way of conveying that love. "I heart my LAX." How catchy. When I first saw the commercial with the sound muted on my computer, I thought it was a tribute to LAX the airport. That is until I saw the animation of MiraLAX at work in my colon using the power of water to move what appeared to be a purple blob along a two-toned pink tube. 

Fearful as many of my fellow aging boomers are about the Blob we were first traumatized by in the 1958 movie, I'm sure this will persuade us all on some subliminal level. 

But the need is there. I even saw a medical place here in Olympia recently advertising that they specialize in colonics. Personally, I use a product made from fern branches. 

And with fronds like that who needs enemas...

America, ya gotta love it. 

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