Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 Private Number

     I've written before about your cellphone and your privacy. And my concern that with every free app you use you're giving away a little of your freedom. Freedom from Big Brother, whether it be Big Business or Big Government, watching you.
     Plenty of folks have no problem with that. A survey taken in the wake of the NSA phone records collection revelations, said that more than 57% were comfortable with authorities randomly monitoring private phones without so much as a subpoena.
     Those same people would object to random searches of their houses but are less concerned about their phones. Which is surprising when you see how much of one's identity people put on their smartphones and how much time they spend with them compared to how much they spend in their home.
     Speaking of spying, I was reading about recent progress in biometrics. Biometrics is using your biologically unique things to identify you. Like fingerprints. Or something called iris scans. The colored part of your eye has a pattern unique to you. So all some organization has to do, if they want to check you against a data base, is scan your eye.
     They don't even have to have you come up and ask anymore. New technology allows them to scan a crowd and every eye in it. From a distance. So make sure you pay your parking tickets.
     Another method is to measure your unique gait. Everybody walks differently too. So they can hack into those cool motion sensors in your smartphone, the ones that let it orient its images and stuff, and they can measure your gait as you walk with it in your pocket.
     By the way, I saw a new app. To save you the hassle of typing in your password, your smartphone will scan your eye.
     And the app is free!
     America, ya gotta love it.

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