Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2006 Retweeting Skills

     Little bits of culture today, snippets of observations from our tumultuous technically advanced society. Or is it retreating? Which, by the way, is what the term retweeting always sounds like to me. Not a technological advance, but a technological retweet.
     As in retweeting skills, like this driver I saw recently. I was heading down the freeway and spied a car coming up rather quickly in the left lane. She was easily doing 70 in a 60mph zone. And she had her head pointed towards her lap. A "bobblehead" as the new Washington Traffic Safety Commission commercial calls them. Texting or tweeting while driving but keeping your phone in your lap to hide it. Like it isn't incredibly obvious what you're doing with your head nodding that way.
     Miss Bobblehead was weaving just a bit, otherwise had her car pointed straight ahead, but definitely was not watching the road. She was going 70 miles an hour, with less than seven car lengths between her and the car she was following.
     If you've ever had to stomp on the brakes because someone in front of you decides to save a suicidal squirrel you know how dangerous this is.
     Too bad folks can understand how to use advanced pieces of technology like smartphones and have no idea about the math of that split-second that will kill when they can't react in time to avoid someone braking in front of them.
     Saw another bobblehead just yesterday. He was driving through a roundabout. Definitely a place where full driving awareness is important. How sad we're having this confluence of historical and technological forces where texting, driving, and roundabouts mix.
     At least it gives us more opportunities to make our car horns tweet.
     America, ya gotta love it.

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