Thursday, June 13, 2013

2007 Ironic 3-D

     Every now and then you come across something and it makes you say, "What were they thinking?" Like I got this "personalized" email from a local haircutting outfit. I say "personalized" in quote marks because it wasn't really. I'm not sure how I got on their mailing list at all since I've never shopped there but the letter I got was supposed to make me feel like an old friend---sort of.
      It was one of those fancy new Constant Contact type emails with embedded pictures and spyware and stuff that my cautious computer refuses to open all the way. The salutation said, "Dear Jerry" so I know it was meant just for me.
     Then the first sentence said, "Hello everyone!" Oops. I was no longer a personal person to whom the message was personally directed. I was "everyone." All that trouble to put together an impressive not impersonal email and they blew it with one greeting. What were they thinking?
     Another example is the story I read recently about a theater manager in Missouri. By the way, I should say I had just read an article in the same magazine about Aurora Colorado movie mass shooter James Holmes.
     The Missouri theater owner, apparently oblivious and having the shortest memory of tragedy on record, in order to create publicity, hired an actor to dress up in full tactical gear -- including a fake rifle -- and storm a screening of Iron Man 3. Terrified movie goers called 911. The owner, Bob Wilkins, said he wanted to whip up excitement for the movie and added, "My job is to entertain people."
     I kinda figured he wasn't a sensitivity trainer. What was he thinking?
     "Hi Everyone, I've got a assault rifle. Let me personally welcome you to Ironic Man 3-D."
     America, ya gotta love it.

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