Thursday, February 26, 2015

2411 Holy Mole

I like reading economic factoids about us folks in the US.  I guess because it offers a little peek into our underlying culture. And priorities.

Like how in the last few weeks more than a third of workers have stayed home sick with the flu.  But 70% of workers come to the workplace when they're still sick.  I guess we just need to share.  That whole misery loves company thing. 

Another misery shared: The median income for young adults today, adjusted for inflation, is $2000 less than what their parents earned in 1980.  Though higher in Washington state, New York City and San Francisco, over the past 3 decades young workers' earnings have declined in 35 states. 

Some good news for the candy and flower people, however.  Americans spent more money on Valentines Day.  An average of $8 more than last year, or $142.31.   "Look honey, I added $8 more of flowers to your bouquet this year.  Cause you're worth it."

Then again, as in most Hallmark holidays, I'm guessing the biggest increase in prices was in the cards.  Since I had to buy a new computer this year, my $142.31 got used.  So I'm sending email notes to all my relationships.  Nothing says you care like free digital electrons. 

20% of Americans also planned to spend Valentines money on their pet.  I wonder if there's a Valentines snausage.  Cause you know, pets love those cards and flowers.  I don't have pets.  But I did spritz my indoor plants with rosewater. 

Lastly, more good news.  Americans ate nearly 4.25 billion tons of avocados last year.  Yes, someone's keeping track.  It was more than double what they ate in 2005. 

Priorities.  Young people are making less but we've increased spending on our pets.  And dang it, we're eating more guacamole. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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