Friday, February 20, 2015

2407 Hack Car

There's been a big ballyhoo about the eavesdropping potential of Samsung's Smart TV and me and the other club members of the Foil Hat Brigade are saying, I told you so.

At least Samsung warned us in the fine print of their service agreement, saying voices overheard when the TV was on Voice Command may be given to third parties. 

When I wrote about the Amazon device that sits around your house always listening for commands to search the internet or whatever I just speculated it had that power.  Only recently have interweb folks starting comparing the Echo to an Orwellian device. 

Unconcerned-with-privacy people are repeating the same refrain they do about Facebook privacy encroachments.  So what if someone is peeping through my phone or listening through my TV.  Who would care about what I say or do? 

I'm so boring.  Who would want to steal my identity?

Um. Yeah.

Down the road, we'll soon have more to worry about.  Literally. I read two articles back to back that got me concerned.  First was about the new driverless cars and how they'll take the boredom out of driving long stretches of highway.  Because if you're not bored enough driving, you'll get to enjoy even more boredom just sitting. 

The other article was about how automakers have made no attempt with their new computer-intensive WiFi- and 4G-enabled cars to protect them against hackers. 

That's right, your car is vulnerable to be hacked.  Your car with dashboard voice recognition, four exterior cameras and soon, computer-assisted autopilot control.  What could go wrong?

What do you wanna bet Putin's got a team right now working on how to hack Chevy.  And how about all those electronic car parts made in China?

Time to cover my car with aluminum foil.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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