Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2409 Better Butter

One of the many themes I've come back to over and over, as I plumb the cultural minutiae of this great land of ours, is food.  Most notably our obsession with food.  Especially the food that is rich and the food that is fast.

You'd think that just by virtue of efficiency and time economy fast food would also be simple food.  A handful of carrots perhaps, or a tub of steamed broccoli. 

But no, we are a land of ingenuity, and we take pride in making our food elaborate as well as fast.  And in that elaboration we are not afraid to festoon every fast offering with plenty of dangerously unhealthy accouterments.  Deadly is part of fast food's appeal.

So I'm worried about the latest offering from Jack in the Box.  Not because it isn't loaded with rich decadence, but because the medical world just issued a new declaration.  Cholesterol is no longer bad for you.

It's true.  Scientists are now saying they got it wrong when it comes to cholesterol and eating.  The body makes its own cholesterol and good or bad, it's going to do it with little regard for how much cholesterol you actually eat. 

So if you're contemplating trying the new Bacon Swiss Buttery Jack Burger, too bad.  You'll have to do so without feeling you're living on the edge of cholesterol danger. 

The Buttery Jack, BTW, adds melted herb butter to your burger experience.  That's right.  You got your burger, sizzling with beef fat, and you got your bacon, sizzling with pork fat.  What's missing?  Sizzling butter of course.  Beef and Bacon and Butter, the three B's of a bodacious belly-busting diet. 

Everything's better with bacon they say. Even better with bacon and butter. 

Just what the doctor ordered.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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