Monday, February 09, 2015

2398 3-Death

3-D.  It's an American obsession.  From Microsoft's new HoloLens to just about every blockbuster movie, we seem to want our entertainment to provide the reality we already experience everyday.

Because, you know, everyday life is 3-D. 

I don't seem to be so inclined.  I like that the silver screen is big and larger than life.  The 2-D aspects of it make it more, not less entertaining for me.  Plus, 3-D glasses give me a headache.

How is the new HoloLens pronounced by the way?  Is it Hoe-loe, like HoHo the snack treat?  Or hah-low?  Like a pipe.  I'm guessing hoe-low as a treat sounds better than hollow.  Like the hollow feeling you get when your expensive entertainment device doesn't live up to its hype.

And what's all this nonsense I hear about Liberace coming back?  They say they're putting together a show in Las Vegas where a hologram of Liberace performs in all his glory.  He'll walk, he'll talk, he'll slither like a reptile.  Tupac Shakur in ermine and rhinestone.

Which, if you ask me, makes him a very difficult subject for the projective technology they use to put on their supposedly 3-D performance.  Rhinestone glitter would be hard to fake.  Lights bouncing off real rhinestones, each one a tiny disco ball, would bounce all over the room.  Bouncing off a ghostly wisp of fog, not so much. 

I find the Liberace tour distasteful.  Let the dead have the dignity of death for God's sake.  This all goes back to when Natalie Cole first did a technologically facilitated duet with her dead father Nat. 

Necro-Karaoke was born.

Now we have a Holo-spirit of Liberace in this misguided attempt to transcend mortality.  He was always larger than life.  Are we trying to make him larger than death too?

America, ya gotta love it. 

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