Thursday, December 26, 2013

2137 Egg-cessive

It's no secret, from you or the NSA, that I get a little impatient with the supposedly great innovations in today's culture. Because it seems like so many of them make us more lazy and self-indulgent.  

So when I saw this Egg Minder gadget in a magazine recently I was not impressed. The article said that the Egg Minder represents "an elegant solution to a common food waste problem." What does it do? It keeps track of which eggs are oldest in your refrigerator. And gosh, it even warns you when eggs have gone bad. 

It looks like an elegant open egg carton. Alongside each egg-shaped indentation is a blue LED that, when lit, marks the egg that has sat the longest. When you remove that egg the next oldest lights up and so on. There is, of course, a related smartphone app. Perhaps to phone you and the NSA when one of your eggs has gone over. The NSA is very interested in bad eggs. 

A little egg-cessive if you ask me. Don't regular egg cartons have freshness dates on them? I checked mine and yes, there's a date right there on the side. So I already know how old those eggs are. Even if I'm that persnickety, I could always grab a felt pen and write the date on each individual egg. Since I don't eat the shells, who cares?

Obviously the manufacturer of the Egg Minder has created a niche product for those refrigerator fashionistas who would be mortified to have the inside of their elegant ice box tainted with an actual cardboard egg carton. What next? Repackaging their milk cartons too?

Oh look Gisele, I have the new Milk Minder carafe. It calls me on my smartphone when it's empty. 

America, ya gotta love it.

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