Thursday, December 05, 2013

2128 What a Tweet

Every now and then I'll read something or another and it’s like the world suddenly shifted when I wasn't looking.  

Case in point, I read on the webby-news about the recent accord between world powers over Iran's nuclear issue. This has been a three-decade long case of gridlock. It makes the congressional stalemates between dems and repubs look like spasmic spats between stoners.

So this was a momentous occasion. What was the lead line in the article? "Iran Foreign Minister Zarif announces on twitter feed that historic deal has been reached."

Really? A world-shattering treaty. A momentous historic occasion. A three-decade standoff unstood off. And it's first announced on twitter? Dare I ask? Was it a nuclear tweety?

Bet Twitter’s happy they're having their IPO right now.

The other weird thing in the article I read was from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. In which, if I may say, he really put the yahoo in Netanyahu. Not Yahoo as in the search engine. Yahoo as in country rube.

Because he said to the West that this was not a historic deal, it was a historic mistake. It was, quote: "Like giving Iran a Christmas Present." 

What's wrong with this picture? In the US this is about the time of year folks start warning about the "War on Christmas." And here we have the prime minister of Israel, who, when I last checked appeared to be a Jewish individual, talking about a Christmas gift to a country that is officially Islamic. 

Kind of gives hope for Peace on Earth right there. I wonder though, if the Messiah was born today, would the angels on high twitter?

“Hark,” the herald angels tweet. “Peace on Earth, that's really neat.” 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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