Tuesday, December 03, 2013

2126 Neon Balls

I was thinking of balls recently. Specifically, tennis balls. I'd written a commentary about how you always see tennis balls stuck to the back feet of walkers. Walkers the devices that help walkers walk, not the walkers walking themselves.

You'd think by now someone would have invented something so people wouldn't have to go out and buy a walker, then right away accessorize it with extra balls.

Like getting a tablet computer and having to buy a keyboard. Oh, right.

The other annoying thing about the balls is their obnoxious neon green color. But I suppose it's not like they have a lot of options, tennis balls are pretty much always neon green these days. Chartreuse the color of choice for visibility reasons, I guess. Racquetballs come in red, black, or blue. But they don't have a hairy surface so we won't be seeing walkers with blue balls anytime soon.

When I was growing up tennis balls were white. In fact, white was the color for the whole sport, from tennis skirts to tennis shirts. Today's flamboyance may be a reaction to that. The fashion equivalent of the sexual revolution's reaction to Victorian prudery. 

Thus neon balls. 

Sad though, that a whole generation of tennis players has never seen a white ball. Nor been able to know when to retire a ball from the court because it got too dirty.

I'm thinking even dirty white balls would be a great accessory for walkers though. If only because you could then wash them, dye them, and garnish them in different colors. 

Neon green is so unseasonal. As we approach the holidays wouldn't it be nice to decorate grandpa's walker differently? Maybe use some of that holly adorning your walls. 

Deck the balls with walls of holly?

America, ya gotta love it. 

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