Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2132 Drone Home

Drones. The world is all abuzz about them. Not just because they're being used as weapons, but also because, not unlike the atom bomb, they're now being turned to peaceful uses.

Like personal shipping.

Yep, according to Jeff Bezos in a recent 60 Minutes interview, he intends to get you your Amazon Prime doodad in under 60 minutes. And he'll use a fleet of drones to do it. Gone will be the days when you have to wait 2 days, or even 24 hours, nervously whiling away the time between wish and gratification. With the Drones of Bezos humming on the horizon your satisfaction will make a bee-line for your home in less than an hour.

Of course, like all new technology, there'll be downsides. Drones can't carry much, in fact just one five-pound package at this point. So, unlike one delivery truck driving the streets carrying lots of packages, you'll have lots of drones carrying one package each. 

Imagine the noise come Christmas season. Talk about holiday buzz. 

But there's another contingent pretty happy about the deal. Deal hunters. And I mean literally hunters. My friend Kris predicts packages will be dropping from the sky as fast as marksmen can shoot them down.

Their new game will be drones. Game of Drones as it were. Drone Huntin' will be the equivalent of a Walmart redneck doorbuster stampede. Beer guzzling on their porches, decked out in holiday camo, duck-shooting presents for the kinfolk. Whatever they end up bringing down. It'll be as easy as shooting flying reindeer. 

"Hot damn Cletus, we's gonna have us a free Christmas, no matter what we get. But we's running low on bullets, have Willie or Uncle Si order us up some ammo quick. They got Ammo-zon Prime don't they?"

America, ya gotta love it.

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