Thursday, January 29, 2015

2392 Oilpocalypse

I read an article about the new expanding economy and was amazed to see an earlier theory of mine confirmed.  The article reported that Americans have about 100 billion extra dollars to spend now that gas prices are going down.  This was when gas prices were around $3.00 a gallon.

It proved what I've maintained since the economic cratering apocalypse: Everything was running along smoothly 'til the gas price surge triggered the implosion.

Sure, there were a lot if marginal mortgages.  Sure, there were a lot of folks borrowing beyond their means.  And sure, there was a huge vulnerable mass of tissue paper mortgage derivatives ready to burst into flames at the strike of a mismatch.

But it can certainly be argued that it was the extra straw on the back burden placed on every camel household and business by obscenely high gas prices that really combusted the conflagration. 

Now if the oil cartel can hold off long enough to give us a good head start maybe we can pick up on lost time a little before they trigger then next oilpocalypse. 

And if the stock market Chicken Littles realize lower energy costs boost every other sector of the economy and don’t totally crash the Dow. 

With an extra 100 to 200 billion stuffing consumers' pockets and stimulating the economy, we can get back to our normal spend 'til we're almost broke habits, and manufacturers can make more, and if they're smart, start paying laborers instead of stock holders more, and maybe that money will get circulating into a boom again.

Still, we did burn less gas while it cost so much, so maybe the oil folks helped slow global warming just a touch.  While they sent the rest of us down in flames. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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